How Will I Know if I Have an STD?

If you're worried about having a sexually transmitted disease, chances are good you have a reason to be worried. You might have hopped into bed without bringing any protective gear with you - shame on you. But it happens to the best of us. Instead of a lecture, you might want to learn how detect the presence of a STD so that you can decide whether to head to the doctor or whether you're in the clear. Any time you have unprotected sex, you're going to be at risk for a sexually transmitted disease, but there are some signs that you got a little more than just a good time with that last partner.

So, How Will I Know if I Have an STD?

Besides that guilty conscience, there are ways to determine whether you have an STD. A sexually transmitted disease is going to be transmitted via sexual contact with someone else. If you and a partner had unprotected sex - vaginal, anal, or oral - and one of you is sick with an STD, you might have a sexually transmitted disease. Once you've slapped your own wrist, it's time to look for other signs of a sexually transmitted disease. One of the most obvious signs of an STD is that your private areas aren't looking or feeling as fine as they normally do. If you have a rash on your genital area, that can be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease, for example. You might notice a rough rash or perhaps just some discoloration as a result of romps without condoms. If the rash doesn't clear up on its own or it seems to reappear in cycles, you need to see a doctor.

Another sign of an STD is that you have a discharge that is not normal for your body. If your penis or your vagina has a discharge that doesn't smell all the fresh, that's a sign of an infection. Now, in some cases, it might just be you have a simple cleanliness issue, but some of the time it's a sign of a sexually transmitted disease.

If you notice any small bugs, you most certainly have something that a doctor needs to treat. Or if you have a fever without any other signs, that also might be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease.

How Will I Know if I Have an STD If I Have No Signs?

Much of the time, you may not have any symptoms when you have an STD. The list of sexually transmitted diseases also includes diseases that do not show up in your general health. For example, HIV/AIDS may not emerge with symptoms for 10 years (or more) after you are exposed. This is why it's essential you get tested regularly if you are having unprotected sex - or you could just protect yourself and prevent the worry and the trips to the clinic.